Graceful Living Senior Care Advisors. A Senior Care Referral Service. 443-741-2985

Disclosure & HIPAA Statement

Graceful Living Senior Care Advisors, referred to as GLSCA, has developed this disclosure statement to help ensure that each of its clients receive ethical and responsible consultation by all of its senior care advisors. After diligent research, Graceful Living Senior Care Advisors has modeled its disclosure statement after the Elder and Vulnerable Adult Referral Agency Act that was established in Washington Sate effective 2011. This act was intended to ensure that referral agencies meet minimum standards of conduct in the interest of public health, safety, and welfare. This same act also serves to promote better integration of vulnerable adult residential care housing choices.

Graceful Living Senior Care Advisors is principally located at 5615 Tricross Drive, Columbia, Md 21045 with its primary phone listed as 443-741-2985.

Please note that we do not charge a fee to any of our clients to assist them to find a place for mom or dad. GLSCA is a referral agency and has developed a relationship with a number of caring communities i.e. assisted living homes, nursing homes, homecare agencies, continuing care communities, adult day care centers and the like in order to develop appropriate referral options for its clients who desire to avail themselves of such services herein Columbia, Ellicott City, Silver Spring and throughout Maryland. As a by-product of this relationship, these aforementioned senior living communities and senior care communities have chosen to offer GLSCA a referral fee for directing the clients of GLSCA to utilize their services. This one time compensation is generally the equivalent of one month’s rent that the client would pay to the provider. This fee is generally paid to our agency a month after a client moves in. Our agency is willing to disclose to our clients the specific amount of the fee to be received from the provider as mutually agreed upon with the provider; however, the client must formally request such information after the client secures a senior care community that GLSCA has helped them to locate. 

GLSCA may refer a client to a supportive residential care community or nursing home; however, the client may move out of this senior home or similar setting in less than thirty days if the need arises. If a client does move out in less than 30 days of admission, then GLSCA shall refund a portion of its fee to the supportive housing provider who paid it. The amount refunded will be a prorated portion of the agency’s fees, based upon a per diem calculation for the days that the client resided or retained a bed in the supportive housing setting.

GLSCA  assures to its clients that the referral that it makes concerning a particular senior care community or senior care option is not based on the fee that it receives from this same community. The referral that GLSCA makes on behalf of its clients is based on the suitability of the senior care community in helping to meet the needs of the client. GLSCA endeavors to maintain a referral list, which includes a number of senior care communities, which offer no referral fees as well. However, GLSCA may only gather limited information on these senior care communities and does not obligate itself to visit them.

As for an outline of services, GLSCA agrees to provide the following services to aid in your quest to find relevant and meaningful senior care options:

  •  We will share our knowledge base with you to help you choose the most suitable senior care options available to you based upon our collective experience in the senior care field. 
  • We will select appropriate senior care communities based upon our knowledge of the reputation of a particular community, the history and quality of service provided by a facility, staffing ratios, apartment designs, on-site medical staff, activities programming, community culture, quality of life provided, and overall facility aesthetics.
  • We will tour select assisted living homes, memory care or other suitable care facilities with you as needed to prioritize and survey the most appropriate homes for you.
  • We will conduct personalized assessments of our clients to gain a working understanding of the type and level of your senior care needs.
  • We will recommend community resources that can offer you additional senior care and support if helpful.
  • We will assist you to coordinate all your move-in paperwork so that you will know what is required for securing a senior care community or other care option.
  • We will continue to interview leading providers and assess their ongoing commitment to promoting great senior care communities. We do this to learn the personal and compelling stories that uniquely qualify these providers to care for the aged.
  • We will communicate with you regularly to support you in your decision making process so that you can feel confident about the senior care choice(s) that you will make.
  • We will follow up with you or your loved one after you move into a selected senior care community. We will make note of your level of satisfaction with the senior care community that you choose.
  • We will act as a personal liaison to help you resolve any relevant care issues that you may have within the first thirty days of moving into your new senior care community.

GLSCA works with both the client and the care servicer or supportive housing provider in the same transaction. 

GLSCA seeks your authorization as a client to obtain and disclose your confidential health care and financial information to our care communities; this may include information disseminated to relevant staff, an administrator, manager, DRN, physician, and/or director, for example. Your acknowledgement at the end of this disclosure authorizes GLSCA to share this vital health and financial information with key members of our communities; this is advisable since such information assists these individuals to make the necessary decisions concerning admission of a client to their care community and form the basis for developing a personalized care plan for you. 

GLSCA tours assisted living homes and other senior care communities regularly. At the time of referral, the agency will inform the client in writing or by electronic means if the agency has toured the referred supportive housing provider or providers, and if so, GLSCA will provide the client with the most recent date that the tour took place, once the client agrees to tour a selected community.

Please know that our agency does not require or request our clients to sign waivers of potential liability for losses of personal property or injury, or to sign waivers of any rights of the client established in state or by federal law; yet, GLSCA only provides a referral option for adult care. Our agency makes no recommendation or guarantee for the quality of service, standard of care, or overall safety that the business/senior care community will ultimately provide the client. Client and client’s agent acknowledge and accept that this agency has no additional duty of care or responsibility to conduct any further investigation of the business/senior care community. The Client and Client’s contact or family acknowledges that they have the sole obligation and sole responsibility to investigate and research any business/senior care community.

It is duly noted that a client may, without cause, stop using GLSCA or switch to another senior referral agency without incurring a penalty or cancellation fee.

The client may file a complaint with the Maryland attorney general’s office for legitimate violations of this statement. Consumer complaints require the initiator to give their name, address and phone number. You may request that your identity remain confidential. The contact information for their office is:  Consumer Protection Division Consumer hotline: (410) 528-8662 Mon-Fri 9 am-3 pm. Attorney General's Main Switchboard, Toll-free: 1-888-743-0023; FAX: 410-576-7040.

Currently, the CEO of Graceful Living Senior Care Advisors and his wife have an ownership interest in Cooper’s Senior Assisted Group Home Inc. in which they are founders of this Assisted Living Home. If any referrals are made to this home, the staff at GLSCA will disclose this ownership interest/relationship to their clientele.